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The Ambrosia Treatment Centers

At The Ambrosia Treatment Centers our mission is clear: We strive to offer progressive levels of cutting edge care to help the sick and suffering addict and alcoholic start their journey of recovery in a respectful, nurturing and comfortable environment.

The Ambrosia Treatment Centers consist of three locations in beautiful south Florida, each of which boasts the same commitment to excellence in the care of substance abuse and co occurring disorders. It is our belief that the key to successful treatment starts with the client’s ability to trust and relate with their counselor, and as a consequence, we aim to keep the client to counselor ratio low in order to give the clients and their counselor’s maximum time together.

We Treat The Whole Person

We are a holistic addiction treatment center which means that we not only treat the addiction, but we treat the "whole person" in order to resolve the underlying issues that may be causing the addiction in the first place. This also sets us apart from other treatment programs that only focus on the addiction itself.

Another hallmark of the Ambrosia is our belief that addictions treatment is not a punishment, rather it is a an opportunity for spiritual, physical and emotional healing, and we believe that healing should take place appropriately comfortable surroundings, and that belief shines through in our locations and facilities.


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If you or someone you love is suffering please look through our extensive catalog of treatment programs or better still, call us right away so we can find a program to fit your specific situation.

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